On the Life of a Canine

From the recommendation of a friend, I decided to write a little piece about our canine companions. A little 20 minute speed-write. My dear readers, I give you On the Life of a Canine.

Every morning I wake to a fresh start. It’s usually the same. I take a quick peek with one eye, sniffing about at my surroundings. Slowly, I open up the other, gradually raising my head to take a look around.

Everything is gray. I hear my family talk all the time about the fancy, vivid colors in life: the deep red of apples, the cool blue of the sky, the bursting yellow of sunflowers. I can’t see any of that. All I see are the shades of gray, from the dark, inky depths of black night, to the bright white of the ever-high sun.

But it doesn’t matter. I still see more.

What my family misses out on, I relish in. In the fields, I see every small wisp of grass fluttering ever so slightly in the wind. I see the insects winding through the flowers, chasing each other as they dance in the wind. I notice every detail, the subtle movements of Mother Earth as she breathes life into every living thing, every living thing expelling energy outwards, exclaiming proof of its lively existence.

I don’t need colors to see.

Slowly stretching my body, I take a deep yawn, feeling refreshed as oxygen flows into my lungs, and life surges into my body, waking it from its slumber. Right paw first, I crawl out of my soft gray blanket, tucked in a cozy corner beneath the staircase.

Padding softly into the kitchen, I raise my head slightly to take a deep breath of the wonderful concoctions my family creates in the morning. Sundays, the divine scent of warm pancakes with luscious, gooey maple syrup, to Saturdays, the succulent, crisp snaps of bacon. I don’t partake with the usual family meal, as I have my own victuals in a bowl to the side.

Oh the joy of the meal!

I can never figure out how they managed to fit such scrumptious taste into the little pellets of happiness. The divine flavors worthy of only the finest palate! In addition to the miniature delicacies, if I walk around the table enough, my family always donates a portion of their hearty food, the perfect compliment to my own tasty food.

After the morning meal, my regular routine begins to vary. While the rest of the family goes ahead doing their own things, trekking in and out of the house, stomping up and down the stairs, I normally saunter back to my corner by the staircase, indulging myself in a post-meal respite. While dozing, I hear the ruckus that invades the house during the day, as the world around awakens from its slumber

During the day, I dabble in this and that, mainly relaxing, taking care of my fur, or advancing in my strict daily stretching regimen. At any rate, I keep myself occupied until the afternoon when most of my family is usually back.Then, it’s a repetition of the morning, albeit with the sun setting instead of rising.

Life is good as a dog. I enjoy all the little things in life, from the lazy stretching in my blanket, to the satisfying of my wanting palate. The way I see it, every moment should be looked forward to, every moment appreciated. In that way I say life truly is beautiful.


~ by rupendajee on July 2, 2009.

3 Responses to “On the Life of a Canine”

  1. i don’t think its trash first off. For the most part your syntax is effective, which is something rather difficult to pull off while at the same time not seeming stuffy. The parallel structure is also nicely pulled off- especially in the description of the colors. Very realistic too- which is refreshing. Its not beggin tot be the dog whisperer and formulate revolutionary feelings for the dog- its realistic and rather bright while not being trite. So basically, nice. 🙂 And how i kinda want to be a dog now.

  2. Sounds like your dog really enjoys life to the full.

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